The Ad Lib Collective is a group of performers, composers and creators focussed on connecting with audiences through chamber performance, concert curation, community engagement and the creation of new works. Founded in 2009 by core members percussionist Thea Rossen and saxophonist Jesse Deane, the Collective includes Jared Yapp (viola/composer) and Hamish Upton (percussion). Ad Lib is influenced by classical and contemporary music and regularly features cross genre collaboration. With recent residencies at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Canada and the Castlemaine Festival in Australia, the Collective have presented Music for Our Changing Climate at the Carlton Connect Initiative Lab 14 in Melbourne, run regional and metropolitan outreach workshops for major arts institutions in Victoria and will curate a series of performances at the Melbourne Recital Centre in 2018. Ad Lib is currently in project development with Art Play for Drip Drop Play, a new show featuring an immersive experience for children with water and ice.